Norman Charbonneau

Living above the Arctic Circle gave me some of the most beautiful scenic views of my life. This is where I realized that I wanted to learn how to use a camera to it’s fullest extent to capture the world around me. Unfortunately getting a good SLR camera at that time in the Arctic was next to impossible and by the time I did get one I was on my way south. My first camera was a Nikkormat FTn (Nikon) and I worked it for many years. I did my own developing and learned a lot. Life caught up with me and my photography went on hold for a few years, but when digital age came along I was there at the very beginning and even though the first cameras were dreadful I could see the future coming. Today I love the digital world of photography and all it has to offer. I can take my darkroom with me in a laptop and be creative where ever I am. Here I am over 40 years later and Photography is my retirement hobby. The best thing about it is that I am learning new ways to use this technology every day…. 